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The club app for clubs and companies

The Club App

The Club App is a software solution for managing drinks in clubs, companies, student dormitories, or simply as a personal drink counter.

Here's how you can use the app:

Create special groups for different clubs such as sports clubs, music clubs, fire departments, student organizations, or companies. Or use the app as a private drink counter.

Add drinks to the list, invite members to the group, and then members can book or count the drinks.

For the person in charge of drinks and snacks, our digital tally sheet offers several advantages:

The app also includes a cash register function that makes managing the club's cash box easier.

In the admin area, purchases of drinks and food can be entered. This updates the stocks and adjusts the cash register statistics.

The Club App can also be used as an individual drink counter. Create your own drink list and use the counter function. You can configure the list according to your preferences, and the counter can also be used for other things, such as a beer or water tracker.

The app is the perfect addition to enjoying an after-work beer and works as a counter for your bar, club fridge, or as your personal drink tracker.

With the Club App, you no longer need beer coasters to monitor your drink consumption.

Download the app for free now!

Club app groups

Groups in the club app

Create a group for your club. 
At the bottom right, you will find the option 'Add group' to create a new group. Name the group and add a group picture if necessary.
In the overview, you can see all the groups that you are a member of as a user. 
If your club already has a group that is not displayed to you, you can ask the group administrator to add you to the group. Alternatively, you can also join the group via an invitation link.


The Open-Book-Mode serves as a kiosk mode and is specifically designed for devices that are accessible to all members.

This mode includes three steps:

Each member has the option to set a PIN for the Open-Book-Mode in their personal settings. With a set PIN, bookings can only be made after entering this PIN.

By default, logging out is done when leaving the Open-Book-Mode. If this function is not desired, it can be deactivated in the group settings.

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