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Tally - Drinks Counter App

Tally - Drinks Counter App

The tally app for clubs and companies. Manage your club's drinks with our tally app.
Create a group for your club. Add drinks and invite members. Members can book drinks and the tally app calculates the member's account balance and the stock of the drink.
Create statements for the entire group or for individual members. Adjust the account balances of the members and manage the club treasury. All this in just one app with our tally app.
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Natural Voice TTS App

Natural Voice TTS App

With the natural voice TTS app you can convert text into natural spoken language.
The app supports more than 100 voices for more than 40 languages . 
The app uses speech synthesis supported with artificial intelligence. For this purpose, the entered text is sent to a server, where the speech synthesis takes place and returns the audio. 
The app also uses the text-to-speech function of the smartphone to convert text into speech offline.

Image to text App (Textscanner)

Image to Text App (Text Scanner)

Image to text app allows text to be extracted from images.
Choose an image from gallery or take a photo and text scanner app recognizes all text of this image.
The text is then output in a text field and can be edited, forwarded, copied or read aloud. 
The image to text app supports texts in Latin, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Korean Scripture. 

Dyslexia Trainer App

Dyslexia Trainer App

With the dyslexia trainer app, children and adults can train their reading and spelling difficulties. 
The app supports different vocabularies, classified according to the level of difficulty are ordered. The player chooses one or more vocabularies and then the words are presented to him in simple games. The player playfully practices the spelling of certain words.

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Selfmailer App

Selfmailer App

With the Selfmailer app you can send yourself notes by email with just a few clicks.
Enter your email address once and you can already send texts, pictures and voice messages to yourself. 
The Selfmailer app is ideal for capturing ideas and sending tasks quickly to the office.

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Bild Matthias Aigner

Matthias Aigner

mobile App Developer

Do you already have your own app? 
If not, you've come to the right place! 
I develop mobile Apps for companies and startups. With my experience in software development since 2016, I have already successfully implemented many projects. I work with Flutter, a cross-platform development technology, and I can create apps for Android, iOS and WebApps. 
My goal is to develop tailor-made solutions that are both functional and user-friendly. 
Let's work together to bring your app idea to life!

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