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The drinks counter app for clubs and companies

The Drinks Counter App

The Digital Drinks Counter App is your innovative tool for managing beverage consumption in clubs, companies, student associations, or for personal use.

How the app works:

You can create specific groups for different communities or occasions, such as sports clubs, music groups, or even for personal use. Simply add drinks to the list, invite members, and start counting.

There are numerous advantages, especially for responsible individuals like the beverage manager:

With the integrated cash register function, you can also accurately reflect the club's finances. When purchasing drinks or food, everything is recorded in the admin area, ensuring that inventory and cash books are automatically updated.

For personal use, the app offers a flexible drink list and counting function. Whether you want to use it as a beer tracker, water tracker, or for entirely different purposes – everything is possible!

Imagine: No more beer coasters for counting, no confusion during group gatherings, and always a clear picture of consumption. The Drinks Counter App revolutionizes how you manage beverages.

Don't wait any longer and download the app for free now!

Groups Drinks Counter App

Groups in the Drinks Counter App

Create a customized group for your club.

If you want to create a new group, simply click 'Add Group' at the bottom right. Don't forget to give your group an appropriate name and, if you wish, add a representative group picture.

In the central group overview, you will see all the groups you are a member of. If the expected club or group is not visible, it's possible that you haven't been added yet. In this case, just contact the group administrator to request an invitation. Alternatively, you can also receive an invitation link that will allow you to easily join the group.


The "Open-Book-Mode" functions like a kiosk mode and is designed for devices that can be used by all club members.

This mode follows a three-step process:

Members have the option to set a PIN for this mode in their individual settings. Once a PIN is set up, bookings can only be made with this PIN.

Normally, there is an automatic logout after exiting the "Open-Book Mode." If this is not desired, this function can be disabled in the group settings.

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